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Maria Athanasiou: The protection of musical arrangements under the Greek Copyright Law: legal and practical aspects Print E-mail


As  musical  arrangements  are  increasingly  affecting  all  aspects  of  the  music
business and have direct impact towards their authors, the publishers, the recording
or  performing  artists  and  the  record  label,  this  paper  discusses  how  the  musical
arrangements  are  protected  under  the  Greek  Copyright  Act  (L.  2121/1993),  while
references to the respective interwoven international and European legal basis that
shaped  the  current  national  law  are  also  made.  Of  course,  issues  of  originality  are
raised and some logical, legal and musicological solutions are provided in an attempt
to assist such cases to be appropriately run. Last but not least, this article also seeks
to shed light on the criteria that could establish a distinction between the authors’
and arrangers’ contribution upon a given material and recognize them through both
the international and national legal frameworks.

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